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Social Media Strategy, Support & Design

Social Media Strategy, Support & Design

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Need support with your future social media planning? Contemplating whether social media is for you or your business? 

Back in the late naughties, social media pioneers were shunned and ridiculed for foreseeing a future where the internet, search engines, websites and social media would hold huge revenue potential for businesses across all industries… Who’s laughing now?

Take the auto trade industry… Back in the day it was a trip to a dealership or adverts in hard copy marketing that was the way to find you next motor… But now, over 70% of buying decisions are thanks to the digital age we find ourselves engrossed in!

Look, we’re not trying to sell you a car or a sales service… This is marketing and any business who isn’t marketing themselves online is missing a huge opportunity for growth. 

Putting money aside, the main currency of the internet is ‘Attention’ and hopefully as you’re reading this, we have yours! 

That being said, the world of social media is a minefield of dos, don’ts and what ifs… So this is where we come in. 

We work with businesses and creators to help them realise, plan and execute on marketing themselves online and a big part of this is through social media. 

With our dedicated monthly support retainer, we will develop a social media strategy that will include provision for content, promotions, posts and graphic design as well as a comprehensive outline of what dos, don’ts and maybes apply to you. This enables us to identify opportunities for incremental improvement in growth and ultimately bringing attention to your brand and its’ products and services.

Why monthly? 

Social media and marketing online might appear quick and easy but it isn’t a quick fix… Once a strategy is agreed, we would look at piloting our approach for a period of 30 days. The reason for this is simple, the numbers don’t lie!

Social media in particular provides you with comprehensive data on your impressions, views, likes, shares and ultimately how effective your content is in terms of what, where, when, why and how it is put out there for all to see. 

After the initial 30 day period, we will help you to analyse the data to identify the peaks and troughs, what kind of content delivers the best conversions and where improvements can be made to ensure a positive ROI.


These retainers are done on a non-exclusive basis so you can call it quits anytime if it isn’t working for you, but we would always advise at least a 60 day commitment to prove the concept and to show you the growth potential from a standing start to the 30 day mark, then to the 60 day mark to show the improvement from the start of the project. 

If you are sitting on the fence about social media as a sales funnel to your store, then get in touch and we’d be happy to take you through a simple social media strategy with absolutely no obligation to work with us.


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