AbslabCards is an Official Partner of Momentobrand Bringing Together the World of Nerdy Artworks, Framed Themes, Trading Card Games & Collectibles.

Whether you’ve just started or you’re an avid collector, searching for ‘that one exclusive card’, we have something for everyone. We can help you find exactly what you need for your collection. 

Abslab Bringing You Ebay Beating Prices on Graded Trading Cards

Hobbies & Collectibles are a passion, and often enough it's us adults who are reliving our youth or guiding our children into a wrold of collecting! The highs and excitement of collecting is hard to beat and that is why we are here! Take a look..

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Products & Passion

We are huge fans of anything fun when it comes to Pokemon and TCGs. We are always on the look out for new and exciting products to bring to you!

As well as Trading Card Games and Graded Cards, we will constantly be updating our Abslab Collection with other products such as: Plushies, Seasonal Speciality items, 3D Printed Models, Promos and much more!

You will also be able to come see us at some of the UKs best Card Shows!

Keep an eye out for periodic updates here on the site or better yet, come join our community where we will preview new products, community deals and competitions just for you!

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