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Social Media Product Promotion Bundle

Social Media Product Promotion Bundle

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Need some bold and colourful promotional content for your social media feed? 

We are here to help! 

It is worth noting that for social media posts to be effective, you need to play a consistent game! Posting consistently and on theme with a good quality message to your followers is something that is favoured by the knightly algorithms.

To get you started, we have packaged up this bundle of 7 pieces of content (7 post designs to your specification) one for each day of the week.

These can be formatted to different dimensions to suit your platform of choice however, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary guidance and end designs to suit each platform. 

Take a look at the examples we created for our good friends at Japan2UK covering some of the newest Pokémon products on the market today! 

But regardless of your product or industry, we’re here to take the headache out of your promotional content and provide you with a no hassle catalogue of images to help you reach your audience. 

If you are sitting on the fence about social media as a sales funnel to your store, then get in touch and we’d be happy to take you through a simple social media strategy with absolutely no obligation to work with us.


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