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Pokemon Eevee Heroes Korean Booster Box S6a

Pokemon Eevee Heroes Korean Booster Box S6a

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Sword & Shield was arguably one of the best eras, between that and Sun & Moon, these eras oversaw the absolute explosion of the Pokémon TCG in the modern day and the hobby just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

No Sword & Shield set is more famous than Eevee Heroes in the Japanese expansion which would form part of the Evolving Skies English expansion.

A set boasting some of the hobbies most sought after alt arts, this set is one that we would agree is one of the GOATs

With the actual Japanese expansion going for around £400 per box, the Korean version has become a popular alternative and one that still gives access to the set without breaking the bank. Even the simplified Chinese booster box is around £220! So if you want to enjoy Eevee Heroes without breaking the bank, Korean is the way to go! 

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