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One Piece Manga Shanks 3D Art Frame

One Piece Manga Shanks 3D Art Frame

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One Piece Manga Shanks 3D Art Frame

Based on OP-01 Romance Dawn

Back in 2022 One Piece released it’s first Trading Card Booster box called Romance Dawn, the anime and manga fans will understand that reference quite well! 

Little did we know a year and a little bit later, One Piece would be taking the TCG world by storm! So we honour the inaugural expansion with this Manga Shanks artwork.

This frame will depict the Manga Shanks Card

The card in the centre will be raised above the artwork (floating) in a 3D box frame, the frame is an A4 or 5x7 3D box frame, larger A3 variants will be available soon. The card will be a proxy/replica holo card used purely for display purposes and not to be mistaken for an original copy… Those are very expensive indeed! 

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We will do both English & Japanese variants of the cards as they become available (for later sets) and of course as more sets are released, we will follow suit with a new frame design to match.

(PRE ORDER - Our first ever batches will be limited and the initial version of the full series frame will only be in the Japanese variant) All single frame piece will be available in both languages up to OP-05 until English releases catch up to Japanese. Orders will be shipped week commencing 6th June 2024

If you have any questions about our products or anything else, don’t hesitate to drop us an email :)

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