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Metal Gear Solid Mini Disc Frame

Metal Gear Solid Mini Disc Frame

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We do love creating our framed themes with the original discs… However, we did go to the trouble of digitally rendering the original black label discs to create these 8cm mini disc replicas much like the options you can choose from our bigger frames.

Although the original was 2 discs, there was a special edition 3rd disc which we have used as the middle marker to set the theme off!

just for reference the original or normal size for discs is 12cm so these ones are just miniature versions printed on a holographic foil and attached to an actual mini disc CD for the most authentic feel!

Housed within a 12x5 frame, this is a perfect little honouring of epic games such as Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy 7.

We have also added a full disc size version in a 14x7 frame with the same holographic replica disc decals!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch about a games cover that we don’t currently stock, always happy to create new things.

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