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Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast 1982 3D Cassette Frame

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast 1982 3D Cassette Frame

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Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast 1982 3D Cassette Frame

While gaming is what we are mainly about, our roots are embedded in music!

Our founder Dan has been a musician for over 20 years and looking back, we wish we had expanded into music collectibles a long time ago!

So here goes!

Much like our gaming and trading card frames, our mantra here is to find our favourite items, take them off the book shelf and turn them into something that can be displayed and enjoyed!

Starting with a retro choice, cassette tape display frames.

Available in two sizes A4 & A3, we take original cassette albums and display the case art and the cassette itself in a 3D box frame. Cassettes and cases are mounted on a themed poster which will either depict a variation of the album art or similar relevant artwork to that album/band.

We love this retro format and ensure that the cassettes we source are of the highest quality. Where appropriate we will replace the cassette case shell to ensure clarity but the tape and album art will be completely original and authentic.

Like this example in our store, we also make these frames to order, so get in touch about your favourite album on cassette and let’s make it happen!

There may be an up charge for albums that are rare or especially difficult to get hold of so for an accurate quote, drop us a message.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a message if you have questions about anything else :)

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