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Final Fantasy Tactics Themed Frame

Final Fantasy Tactics Themed Frame

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1997 may have been a famous year considering the release of Final Fantasy 7 however, the late 90s also provided us with what would become a cult classic and a game loved by many in the FF community!

We present Final Fantasy Tactics!

A2 - Much like the original, this will be very much the same, containing the 3 original black label game discs (never the platinum version)

A3 - In exactly the same format however, half the size and half the price! This framed theme will contain 3 miniature discs that will have the original disc style printed on. They will obviously not be official game discs like the larger piece, but will look the part none the less. 

We also have original disc and holo disc replicas available in both A2 and A1 size frames! 

Do get in touch if you any questions at all :)

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