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Final Fantasy 9 Themed Frame Art Edition

Final Fantasy 9 Themed Frame Art Edition

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Final Fantasy 9 Themed Frame Art Edition

With the soaring popularity of our FF7 framed themes, we’re now introducing a more eye popping art-based versions… This one is a little different again featuring FFIX.

We are also venturing into the rest of the FF series by offering matching art versions of each game.

Unlike the original framed theme however, this version comes in two variations.

A2 - Much like the original, this will be very much the same, containing the 4 original black label game discs (never the platinum version)

A3 - In exactly the same format however, half the size and half the price! This framed theme will contain 4 miniature discs that will have the original disc style printed on. They will obviously not be official game discs like the larger piece, but will look the part none the less.

Do get in touch if you any questions at all :)

All of our framed themes are made with the best possible materials at affordable prices. Our main large pieces which include original game discs and manuals such as our MGS1 and FFVII pieces are A2 size, which means the design size itself is 594mm x 420mm, our Matt black frames are an additional 30mm to offer a high level of rigidity and strength.

Our smaller disc based frames are based on a size of 14’ x 7’ and include a high quality holographic print backing to really give your favourite game a little bit of sparkle.

We also provide 3D box frames for the likes of our retro controllers which are housed in either an A4 size or 5’ x 7’ box frame.

We don’t use inferior materials when creating these pieces, nor are they mass produced. Every frame design is individually assembled and all of our framed themes are shipped using a traceable and insured courier service to ensure safety of transit!

If you have any questions at all about our framed products, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message :)

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