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Dragonball Z Manga Pane Framed Theme

Dragonball Z Manga Pane Framed Theme

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Dragonball Z Manga Pane Framed Theme

Dragonball Z is by far one of our top 5 franchises of all nerd time! And what better way to honour it than to show the original renditions of some of DBZs most awesome moments in Manga form!

We have moments from our favourite sagas.

- Saiyan Saga - One of our all time Anime/Manga moments, where Goku & Vegeta face off; Galick Gun vs Kamehameha resulting in Gokus famous KaioKen TIMES FOUR! 

- Frieza Saga - This moment goes without Saiyan…. I’ll get my coat! But the moment Goku first ever transforms into a super Saiyan is a moment ingrained in a lot of us!

- Cell Saga - We had seen time and time again Gohan’s latent ability but no moment demonstrates this more than android 16s speech followed by his inevitable demise at the hands of Perfect Cell cause Gohan to snap, and we see our first sight of Super Saiyan 2 

- Buu Saga - We have to include at least one ‘Spirit Bomb’ moment in our works and the last moments of Majin (kid) Buu has to be one of the best cannon Spirit Bombs! Thanks Mr Satan, you saved the world! 

These framed themes are all available in both 4 pane & 5 pane formats.

If you have a favourite anime/manga moment that you’d love to have turned into a framed theme, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know your ideas! 

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