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Pokemon Dream League Waifu Specialised Prints

Pokemon Dream League Waifu Specialised Prints

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Pokemon Dream League Waifu Specialised Prints

For our fellow Japanese card collectors we bring you a selection of the OG Character Rares! Sun and Moon was a tremendous era for Pokémon and nothing shows that off better than one of the original sets that started the CHR revolution!

We’ve included a couple of SRs too!

Available in a set of specialised prints:

- Foam
- Alluminium
- Acrylic

If you have any questions about our options or have a custom request we can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Size Variations for specialised prints:

- 300MM X 400MM (Equivilent A3)
- 450MM X 600MM (Equivilent A2)

All specialised prints come with wall mounting kits.

Poster sizes (separate listing):

Size Chart:
- A4 (297MM X 210MM) Small
- A3 (420MM X 297MM) Medium
- A2 (594MM X 420MM) Large *Most Popular
- A1 (841MM X 594MM) Huge!
- A0 (1189MM X 841MM) Mahooosive!

For framed versions (separate listing):

- A4 (297MM X 210MM) Small-
- A3 equivalent (300MM X 400MM) Medium-
- A2 equivalent (450MM X 600MM) Large *Most Popular-
- A1 equivalent (600MM X 800MM) Huge!-
- A0 equivalent (700MM X 10000MM) Mahooosive!

With free tracked and secure postage on all orders as well as a quick turn around time no matter where in the world you are, you can rest easy that your order arrives swiftly, safely and our reviews speak for themselves about the quality of our prints and frames.

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