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Pocket Card Grading (TCG Grade)

Pocket Card Grading (TCG Grade)

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PCG - Pocket Card Grading

Welcome to our community grading initiative!
As part of our commitment to our community and our streaming services across Twitch & Whatnot UK.
We bring you the opportunity to grade your cards with one of the best up and coming UK grading companies Pocket Card Grading.

- What is it?

Momentobrand has a long standing relationship with PCG even before the official launch in Jan 2021. PCG’s launch in early 2021 saw the brand bring something new to the UK market in the shape of one of the worlds most compact/clear slab designs. With a beautiful designed custom slab, there are very few products that compare in terms of quality and clarity!

- Why Submit to Momento?

Momento / MoMo_Dan stream on Twitch and VoGGt(live auction platform) space. We often grade cards that have been pulled on our shows Rip&Ship. This makes logistical sense as we already have the cards here, we can offer a middle man service and send directly for our customers. As part of our wider community submission. Which includes cards from others in the Momento family (Community).

- How much is it?

Grading with PCG with Momentobrand as your middle man is super easy!

Grading - £10 per grade/per card with all postage costs covered by ourselves.

Full Grading (With sub grades) - £12 per grade/per card with all postage costs covered by ourselves.

Encapsulation (No Grade) - £5 (with a range of label options) This could be artwork with the size of Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokémon cards.

Encapsulation holographic label (No Grade) - £7.50 (with a range of label options) This could be artwork with the size of Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokémon cards.

Cross Grading - £7 per cross grade, this is transfering the graded card from a different slab into a PCG slab.

- Why is it cheaper to submit through Momento?

Much like our other initiative with CGC Trading Cards and The Card Vault. We have been in direct contact with the team at PCG.

This means for Momento to not only provide an additional add on service to our streaming services. It allows us to support our affiliates and will be part of our future content creation. Your submissions will appear in social media posts and our new long form content through YouTube.

Taking on that extra cost is an investment in our content but of course we will make this and opt in or opt out situation so you will always have a say whether your submission appears in our content.

Because we cover the return postage costs up to a value of £500, it means you only pay the grading fee and that is it. no hidden fees unless the card is valued over £500 as that will need a higher insurance coverage charge.
If you have cards to send to us, then the only postage you will pay is when you send them to us.
Please do get in touch if you need guidance with how to appropriately pack and post your order.

- How do I submit?

You can simply purchase from this website listing the quantity and type of options you would like.
You will then be asked to download an Document to fill out(Working on an online form) or we can send you one via email. This will help us with keeping inventory of your cards. To ensure we have received the correct cards so we can check them once they get here.
We will also need this for cards already here. For example for cards you’ve purchased from one of our shows(Rip & Ship). Then we can add these onto you form once complete.

- How do I track my submission?

The best way is to ensure you’re part of our discord community, a collective of friendly and like-minded collectors, a lot of which have been part of the community (family) for a long time. Highly active users who will always be on hand to offer guidance and support.

But in essence we have threads(Channels) within the discord server dedicated to our grading submissions where we will drop updates and news about videos and content.

Here is your invite to the family

Discord: Message MomentoBrand.

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