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Commission an Artwork - Prints Included - Frame Options

Commission an Artwork - Prints Included - Frame Options

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We are happy to announce that after a long period.... We're now doing art commissions with FREE Worldwide shipping! 

But now... We're going for something a little bit more... Jazzy!

I always love going to places that have bold and crazy artworks and I also love those that they have little hints of history or nods of the head to recent or historic events that you can see and go "ahhhhhh, I see what they did there"

We're giving you the chance to play a part in the creative process and create you something bold!

The idea is simple, you give us a subject area, maybe a sporting event/person, a famous painting or even your favourite band… Basically a relevant starting point that matches your aesthetic.

This can also revolve around your hobby, a collectible or video game that you absolutely adore and can never find a promo poster for! 

We will then take that reference and mould it into something new, usually with other points of interest around the time, or even a newspaper article from 50 years before the event, who knows.... I always like to put some sort of link in there for that "ahhhhh" moment.

Also we’ve been commissioned recently to recreate iconic trading cards as large art prints! 

So get in touch with your ideas, I will happily talk you through them and guide your vision.

Each listing option includes (Design + Print) Framed options will be available and if you are local to the Northeast area or have a large project that needs some hands on support, then we can facilitate that too!

Check out our B2B page to see what we can offer you or your business

Various size options available:

Size Chart:

- A4 (210MM X 297MM) Small

- A3 (420MM X 297MM) Medium

- A2 (594MM X 420MM) Large *Most Popular

- A1 (841MM X 594MM) Huge!

- A0 (1189MM X 841MM) Mahoosive!

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