Streaming on Whatnot… What is it?

Streaming on Whatnot… What is it?

Streaming on Whatnot… What is it?

So as well as our print and frame designs and our B2B work with our clients in the Hobbies & Collectibles sector, we are also big fans of live streaming! 

We first started our journey in streaming back in 2021 when we took to twitch to open trading cards, play games and generally just have fun and build a community. This soon turned into one of the most important parts of the brand, simply because it brought people together. 

It helped us start to build a community of people and bring these people together who have since became friends and an adoptive family of sorts.

Fast forward a little over 9 months after we began, we started to take our love of trading cards and collectibles a little more seriously and got involved in live auctions! We did this for a year, even scoring a contract with the live auction platform to stream our content and sell collectibles.

A year after starting this journey, the live auction platform we streamed on sadly closed up shop as increased pressure from bigger competitors took its toll. 

This sadly put us and a lot of our fellow streamers without a home. However, one of these said competitors was Whatnot!

In 2023 we began running some test streams and found that the platform had great potential as a means to market the brand. Although it is predominately a live selling auction platoform, we released that this was a great opportunity, not to make money, but to market the brand and our partnerships by applying personally and a face to the brand. 

After all, people buy from people not faceless brands… Unless you’re a huge corporate entity like Amazon etc

So as a small business/brand we decided we’d take this on and use it to market ourselves. Putting out entertaining content, meeting new people, likeminded collectors & content creators in an aim to bring awareness to the brand, show that we were human and had a passion for all the things our customers and clients did! 

With that in mind we have been making plans to return to streaming on Whatnot on a more consistent basis in 2024. Bringing you entertaining and interactive shows, a place to purchase your collectibles and be a part of a growing community.

With that in mind, if you haven’t signed up to whatnot, you can do so via our referral link here, this sign up will provide you with £10 credit to spend on anything you wish on the platform.

If you are thinking of becoming a seller yourself, you can sign up with our streamer link here and review £100 in credit when you carry out your first stream and start selling.

We can’t wait to restart this journey and we hope you’ll join us for what we envisage to be a great year for the brand! 

If you are interested in becoming part of our little family you can do so by popping into our discord server and saying hi :) Discord

We will be running community only streams, competitions & prize draws as well as some fun games to get involved with.

Heres to 2024! 

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