Raging Surf, Ancient Roar & Future Flash News From the World of Japanese Pokemon!

Raging Surf, Ancient Roar & Future Flash News From the World of Japanese Pokemon!

So for a little while now we have been writing Pokemon and TCG news for our friends over at www.japan2uk.com (check them out immediately!)

We thought it was about time we started bringing you news in connection with the world of Pokemon because the 3 latest sets: Raging Surf, Ancient Roar & Future Flash has got us incredibly excited! 

I mean any of you Japanese collectors know that the sets and cards that come out of Japan are simply tremendous so I'm not here to tell you how to suck eggs! But these latest offerings look truly amazing! The Scarlet & Violet era so far this year has knocked it out of the park and following on from Sword & Shield was a pretty big pair of boots to fill but by gum they've done it!

Anyway, enough chat! Lets look at the cards that these 3 sets are offering! We'll start off with Raging Surf which has been with us for a couple of weeks now and we should expect Ancient Roar & Future flash to be released towards the end of October. The English counterpart to these 3 sets, Paradox Rift, should feature all of the cards below and will follow the Japanese expansions in early November.

Raging Surf!

Parasol SAR from Raging Surf Garchomp SAR from Raging Surf

Larry Full Art Trainer SR from Ragin Surf Parasol Full Art Trainer SR from Raging Surf

Raging Surf AR Raging Surf AR


Ragin Surf SR Ragin surf sr Hoopa Raging Surf SR

Ragin Surf SR

Ragin surf SAR Ragin Surf AR

Ancient Roar & Future Flash!

Iron Valliant SAR Anicient Roar Roaring Moon SAR

Future Flash Full Art Trainer SR Ancient Roar Full Art Trainer SR

Golisopod SAR

Ancient Roar Future Flash AR Ancient Roar Future Flash AR

Espartha AR Ancient Roar Future Flash

Ancient Roar & Future Flash Reveals include: Roaring Moon SAR, Iron Valliant SAR, Professor Turo's Scenario SR, Professor Sada's Vitality SR, Iron Bundle and Iron Jugulis from Future Flash & Slither Wing and Scream Tail, Wimpod AR, Toedscruel AR, Veluza AR, Swablu AR, Magby AR, Esparth AR, Golisopod SAR!

More reveals to come! Keep your peepers peeled!

If you're looking for the best range of Japanese Pokémon, don't hesitate to visit our friends over at www.japan2uk.com

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