Paldean Fates News from Japan2UK!

Paldean Fates News from Japan2UK!

Well after many months since saying good bye to Sword & Shield, we said hello and welcome to the new Scarlet & Violet era of Pokemon! Now however, it's crunch time because it is that time of year when we expect to see the new Japanese & English Special Sets!

Our good friends at Japan2UK have got us covered with new of its' release and what to look out for, so lets see what they had to say!

It is that time of year again where we wait in anticipation for the English release of 2023s Special Set! Which will unironically be distributed by retailers in early 2024... 

Never the less, Paldean Fates is upon us! Following the naming convention of previous Special Sets, fans and collectors had this name sussed out as soon as we saw the reveal of the new Shiny Charizard with the set code: PAF

Paldean Fates Shiny Charizard

With this sort of aesthetic and move names like Infernal Reign and Burning Darkness, is anyone complaining? Well of course, but we don't listen to negativity when Pokemon Co. are dishing out stonkers like this!

We expect to see Paldean Fates hit shelves and doorsteps between January & Febuary 2024.

Thanks to Pokebeach's info we can confirm the following:

"The spotlight glistens on Shiny Pokémon making their fated return to the Pokémon TCG! Shiny Pikachu blazes the path forward as Tinkaton, Ceruledge, Dondozo, and more than 100 other Shiny Pokémon follow. Meanwhile, Great Tusk and Iron Treads appear as Ancient and Future Pokémon ex, and Charizard, Forretress, and Espathra show off their own unique skills as Shiny Tera Pokémon ex. Shed some light and discover sparkling wonders in the Scarlet & Violet—Paldean Fates expansion!"

The set breakdown is as follows:

  • More than 240 cards.
  • More than 130 Shiny Pokemon, including shiny Pikachu, shiny Ceruledge, shiny Tinkaton, shiny Dondozo, and shiny Tatsugiri.
  • 11 Shiny Pokémon ex, including Tera Charizard ex, Tera Forretress ex, and Tera Espathra ex.
  • Seven Pokémon ex and three Tera Pokémon ex, including Great Tusk ex, Iron Treads ex, and Espathra ex.
  • Three illustration rare cards featuring Shiny Pokémon and eight special illustration rare cards featuring Shiny Pokémon ex or Supporter cards.
  • Six hyper rare cards of select Pokémon ex, featuring a new and unique raised foil effect.
  • A handful of full-art Supporter cards.

Paldean Fates Charizard Tin

Paldean Fates will be our version of Japan’s Shiny Treasure ex, which releases on December 1st. Our English set is also expected to include cards cut from Paradox Rift and unreleased Japanese promos.

This is the third English set to feature “Fates” in its name, following 2019’s Hidden Fates and 2021’s Shining Fates. In Japan, their corresponding sets all featured “Shiny” in their names.

Paldean Fates Collection Box

Keep your eyes peeled for our pre-order listings as ever, Japan2UK will have you covered with a wide array of products for the Paldean Fates set release!

Pre-Order Updates

If you absolutely can't wait and you need your shiny pokemon fix before the year is through, your next best bet is the Japanese Special Set Shiny Treasure EX which is one of our most anticipated Japanese Booster Boxes since the beginning of the Scarlet & Violet era given that this is our first S&V era end of year set! 

I'm not drooling, you're drooling!

Team Japan2UK <3

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