One Piece Trading Card Game Framed Artworks

One Piece Trading Card Game Framed Artworks

One Piece Trading Card Game Framed Artworks

It is no surprise that we love Manga & Anime here at Momentobrand as well as our life long love of Trading Card Games!

We decided to put together a series of art pieces as an ode to the mammoth that is One Piece.

This new series will be a Pre Order limited run to begin with until we can gauge the size of the project going forward and also into new anime/manga themes! 

Featuring some of the most sought after cards in the TCG, more specifically the Manga Art Rares. We put together a series of pieces covering all of the main TCG expansions that have been released this last year (and a bit).

The artwork element is an ode to the manga and will be based around the main character featured on the card. The card featured in the centre of the piece will be raised and mounted above the artwork in a 3D box frame, in essence, floating over the manga artwork.

The card will be a high quality holo proxy/replica of the original and not to be confused with an original card. After all, the original cards are the most expensive and sought after in the TCG so using originals would make this project wildly expensive and impractical.

First batches will ship 6th June 2024

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let’s take a look at our initial mock up for OP-07 Featuring the Boa Hancock Manga Rare. You can also check out our 5x7 and A4 listings here for prices! 

The series will follow the theme of sets as followed:

  1. One Piece OP-01 Romance Dawn
  2. One Piece OP-02 Paramount War
  3. One Piece OP-03 Pillars of Strength
  4. One Piece OP-04 Kingdoms of Intrigue
  5. One Piece OP-05 Protagonist of the New Era or Awakening of the New Era
  6. One Piece OP-06 Flanked by Legends or Wings of the Captain
  7. One Piece OP-07 500 Years into the Future



We will do both English & Japanese variants of the cards as they become available (for later sets) and of course as more sets are released, we will follow suit with a new frame design to match.

We are also going next level with a huge A2 Size Box Frame with every single artwork we have:

One Piece OP-01 OP-02 OP-03 OP-04 OP-05 0P-06 OP-07 EB-01 Trading Card Game Manga Art Frame

If you have any questions about our products or anything else, don’t hesitate to drop us an email :) 


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