Final Fantasy VII Where it all began! Our very own origin story...

Final Fantasy VII Where it all began! Our very own origin story...

It's only right that we start our series of blog posts with where it all began for Momento...

Back in 2018, I knew that having a presence online was going to be seriously important, not from a personal point of view of posting pictures of my life on Instagram but more so in the context of being a brand, somewhere where I could post about what I was interested in.

The idea being that, as a brand, I would increase my chances of connecting with others across the world who were not just likeminded, but people I could share and develop ideas with.

Momento's social media and domains were set up way back in September 2018 and from there I started posting about anything and everything from music to gaming and it quickly progressed into what is quite clearly a love for all things nerdy.

It wasn't until the following September (2019) that things started moving in the direction that we find ourselves in today. It was quickly approaching the time where Square Enix (formally Squaresoft) were about to release the long awaited remake of one of my most favourite games of all time, Final Fantasy 7. 

Having been a life long fan of the game following every instalment from the original 1997 release, through to the sequel movie Advent Children and on to the now remastered Crisis Core in 2007, not to mention titles such as Dirge of Cerberus. I was and always have been obsessed by this story and had been following the progress for a long long time regarding the potential remake of the original.

Before the remake came out however... I wanted something to commemorate this absolute titan of RPGs and set my sights on finding some sort of art piece I could display on my wall.

Much to my frustration, I couldn't find anything that remotely resembled what I had hoped to find, so I decided to execute on that old adage of "If you want something done, you have to do it yourself" and set myself the challenge of making my own. 

Not many people have seen this, but this was the first ever version that was prototyped 

Not too far removed from the version we sell today, so I think we were pretty close. There was some trial and error with logo and disc placements as well as the types of paper and print qualities we were able to replicate.

This is however, where Momentobrand was really born. After posting this on our social media, I soon realised I was onto this after receiving comments and DMs with words to the effect of "Where did you get this?" or "How much are these? Where can I buy one?" and that is really when the lightbulb moment happened.

People want to buy these? Maybe I am onto something...

So then I set my sights on creating a website with a store, which the progressed into selling on platforms like Etsy and Ebay and since then, this FF7 Themed Frame has been our best selling product by far!

We have since developed over 120 products from posters, framed pieces and even speciality prints like acrylic and metal prints and its safe to say that I couldn't imagine myself doing anything that is as fun and rewarding as making cool looking, nostalgic art pieces for awesome, likeminded people.

I am so glad the origin story of our brand begins with my absolute favourite story and game and as we approach 2023, we are still receiving new games, remasters and ultimately the continuation of the remake with the next instalment being dubbed "Rebirth" I can't wait!

It wouldn't be an effective blog without some sort of plug! So here at you can find our flagship piece here

We also have a range of other Final Fantasy framed pieces including other FF7 based themes like our 25th Anniversary Edition to mark 25 years of this epic tale!

Do let us know what your absolute favourite game is, the one that sits close to your heart!



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