Disney 100 & The Golden Goose Egg of Disney Trading Cards

Disney 100 & The Golden Goose Egg of Disney Trading Cards

The Disney 100 Trading Card Game from Weiss Schwarz isn’t exactly brand new but boy has it been a hit on the TCG scene this last year! 

No thanks to the extremely sought after Origin Rare Steamboat Willie that captured the hearts and wallets of collectors across the globe… A little bit expensive for my taste but I have to concede having seen it, it is nothing short of beautiful! 

Steamboat Willie Black Label Beckett 10

To that end, we had an opportunity to flex our design muscles on Trading Card project for a company called Black Label Grading www.blacklabelgrading.com if you don’t know who BLG are, they are an official Beckett Grading intermediary service for the UK, processing and sending your favourite collectibles to Becketts in the USA. Go check them out! 

Anyway, back to me! BLG we’re recently refurbishing their office and was on the search for someone to create some TCG based artworks for their new office, a long time client and friend of ours, Gurv (we name dropped you brother) who uses BLG’s services directed me their way and long story short a new business relationship had started.

Their desire was to have a number of famous grail TCG cards turned into posters that will sit proudly on their walls. A perfect project for us given our love for Trading Card Games. 

The spec was for us to create: Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Charizard, Dragonball Super Son Goku, The Awakened Power SCR, Lord of the Rings ‘The One Ring’ from Magic the Gathering, Black Lotus (an MTG classic), a 1st Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! LOB Blue Eyes White Dragon, a Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie and the Steamboat Willie Origin Rare from Disney 100.

Here are some examples of the others!

We absolutely love the choice of cards they picked but surprisingly, even having never collected Disney 100 at all, the Steamboat Willie remaster we created ended up being our favourite! Yes above Charizard and even against The Blue Eyes White Dragon!

Here it is in all of its glory! You can pick a print or a framed version up from our store in a wide range of sizes to suit your wall space! Take a Peak

Don’t forget, if you have a custom request, we’d love to hear it! 

If you are in the market or collect the TCG itself, then our friends over at Japan2UK have you covered! 

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